Prabhjot Singh Gill

Prabhjot Singh Gill is a young and upcoming tabla player with a passion for different forms of percussion. His musicianship has been under the guidance of the acclaimed tabla maestro Sri Bhupinder Singh Chaggar. Playing since the age of three, Prabhjot is developing and honing his skills as a student, workshop leader and performer. He has performed solo, as part of an ensemble and with orchestral groups such as SAMYO. Prabhjot’s long experience of accompanying performances of Gurbani Kirtan has been an important part of his musical journey. This is further enhanced by the fact that his playing is strongly rooted and influenced by the Varanasi (Benares) gharana or school of playing.

Prabhjot enjoys playing a variety of percussion instruments and is the founder of ‘Drum Fusion’ – a popular and versatile Leeds-based group of percussionists performing across a range of genres.

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